Friday, October 22, 2010

Corn mazes of life

We had the opportunity to visit this corn maze.  Before we went, I printed out this picture of the maze and spent some time looking at it.  I wanted to figure out how to get through it...without calling the "help" number listed on the info sheet.  As I thought about the maze, it was as if God spoke to me and said there were some important spiritual parallels between this maze and our lives.

With a corn maze, there is a most direct route through.  But is that the best route?  What would we miss by having speed or efficiency be our goal?  How much richer would our lives be if we made the journey the goal rather than the end?  As Christians, we know the end.  God can guide us through the maze, let us sit in one spot for an extended season, or decide to take us out of the maze from the middle.  Let's decide to look for God and His blessings in each moment of the day instead of striving toward the next thing.  

Are we trying to get through our grief as quickly as possible?  What if the comfort we long for comes in the very season we are trying to rush through?  Sometimes trying to get through quickly actually wastes time because we didn't experience what God had for us - we end up taking longer to get through because we have to go in circles several times before we relent and learn.  Don't be like Jonah and incur other negative consequences because you are avoiding your Ninevah.  

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