Thursday, November 6, 2008

Poem - Abide in Me

I found this in a book - Safe in the Arms of Jesus, by Lightner. It is based on a poem by Rossiter W. Raymond.

Beside a grave I knelt in tears,
and felt a presence as I prayed.
I turned to Jesus standing near -
He said: "Be not afraid!"

"Lord, You have conquered death, I know;
restore again to life," I said,
"This little one that we loved so -"
He said: "She is not dead!"

"Not dead? That thought small comfort gives,
our emptied arms can't hold her near.
Now far way with You she lives -"
He said: "But I am here!"

"She is not lost who lives in You?
Grief says such things can never be.
Yet hope asks what the heart must do -"
He said: "Abide in Me!"