Monday, March 8, 2010


We had some wonderful sharing at a recent Glory Babies gathering.  We don’t expect people to share their experiences, but it is always welcome!  One person shared about the recent stillbirth of their daughter, another shared about years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, another shared about repeat miscarriages.  Afterwards I heard several comments that made me think about perspective.  For example, one person mentioned that while their pain and grief was certainly real and legitimate, it seemed to pale in comparison to what another had experienced.  It struck me that each of us naturally think our own journey is uniquely painful – and it is, but not at the exclusion of others having painful journeys as well.  It is easy to believe that what another person experiences is more or less tragic than what we have experienced, but I’m not sure we can actually compare these things.  Each person’s life, no matter how blessed or easy it may seem, contains at least a few areas of pain, disappointment, or loss.  To one struggling to conceive or grieving the loss of a baby, hearing about a mother’s frustrations with her children can be maddening; someone grieving the loss of a spouse can become appalled at the disrespectful attitude another shows toward their living spouse.  Yet we all have hard things in our lives.  It does not do anyone any good to compare or attempt to measure pain. And what would we really accomplish if we were to somehow determine we have the corner on the pain market?  How much better to instead turn to God, trust in His infinite wisdom, timing, provision, and love, pray for those around us who are also struggling, and focus on learning absolutely everything possible through the journey on which we find ourselves.  One key of getting “unstuck” in the midst of grief is to look up, begin to accept our reality, and actively seek out the blessings that may currently be hidden.  God’s love is constant, even in the midst of life’s turmoil.  And ultimately, what more do we need?

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