Friday, August 15, 2008

Letter from Julie's baby

Julie (see previous post) felt that this letter was for her from Merry-Joyce, the baby who miscarried. Read it and be blessed:

Dear Mama,

I saw you cryin’ the night you found out I was gone. Why were you so sad?

You loved me so much when I was with you. I could tell. You talked to me about my brother and sisters and my dad. And my Jesus.

Mama! I met my Jesus! He helped walk me home. He is so nice, mama. He loves me, Just like you said.

Mama, he loves you too. He said you’re sad because you miss me. Don’t be sad, I am forever a part of you and daddy. We’ll be together soon.

Mama I love you. Daddy, too. Please tell everyone about my Jesus.

Love, Merry-Joyce

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